e-Twinning project 2007 - 2008

Title: "Travelling with our e-story"
Description : The main concept is - all the partners - to create ONE
οn - line story which will be the synthesis as much as many pupils ideas.

Partners: Portugal, Greece, Austria, France, Latvia, Bulgaria, Germany, Spain, England
Language: English, Portuguese, Greek, Austrian, French, Bulgarian, Latvian, German, Spanish
Age: 4 to 6 years old
  • Pupils become familiar with the ICT trying to explore and adapt in their school life new platforms of communications like WIKI and Blogs.
  • Each part of the story, will be a teamwork of the whole class, because we target to a correct educational procedure in the classroom more, than to a perfect final product.
Each part of the story may concern : Global values* like: Equality, Friendship, Freedom, Love, Loyalty, Brotherhood, Kindness, Tolerance etc.
  • Each school can choose what they want to be their main idea* on which they will develop their part and keep going the story having 2 common characters for ALL partners: a DOG! and a kid
  • Each partner has to upload its part ( we suggest: a short text with 4-5 illustrations ..this can be a various kinds of ART : using on the Paint, a hand drawing, handicrafts or whatever pupils like ) in the 3rd week of its month like this:
  • 1/October: GR 2./November: AT 3./ December: BG 4./ January: DE
  • 5./February: FR 6./March: ES 7./April: UK 8./May: LV 9./June: PT
  • The whole story will be created gradually on the WIKI http://travellingstory.wikispaces.com/ by all the teachers and pupils.
  • We can also build the Blog http://bloggydoggy.edublogs.org/ where all partners may exchange info, various activities concerning highlights from the Dog in each country, comments about of their work, favourite music & songs, pupil’s voices recorded, short videos etc.. giving one more interactive way of action to all partners..
  • Through the year we also make - all together- a travelling DOG-doll .. each partner adding some extra materials to the received Dog. They keep it for 3 weeks and then, they send it to the next partner school.

Suggested Work Process in the classroom:
  • Teachers start the story (their part) leaving ‘gaps’ which the pupils can ‘fill’.
  • We ask pupils to keep the story going, helping them with ‘open questions’
  • We write down all our pupils ‘versions’ and then move on to a synthesis.
  • We choose those versions, sentences, even words they can integrate our story in many ways and offer a good follow up to the next partner school.
  • Teachers and pupils make the final version, may they type the text on the computer.
  • Pupils narrate it in their native language and they record it.
  • Teachers translate it into English and they also record an English version
  • Interactive pupils’ comments on the other’s work are not only ‘acceptable’ but a target the teachers have to aim at in our Blog.